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Princess Prescila Panther by MKVSDBZFAN1
Princess Prescila Panther

Prescila was one of the earliest attractions to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. She would tell stories to children about her and Bonnie. Prescila would sing and play with the boys and girls. They would sing "London Bridge is Falling Down, Old McDonald Had a Farm, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary Had A Little Lamb, and much more". She would give kisses to the little boys and hugs to the girls.

A teenage girl was walking home from her boyfriends house after a family dinner. She walked passed Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, then a strange man in a black hood spoke to her. Worrying that this man is the serial killer, sure enough it was. She had nothing to fight back except for her fists and kicks, but the man had a knife and she ran into the back of the pizzeria where the back door was opened and hid from the killer. The man found her hiding in pirates cove and she ran all across the restraunt and he throws his knife at her leg and she falls hard trying to escape. She gets the knife out of her leg, but he had another knife with him and she tries to get out of the entrance/exit door, but they were locked, and her only choice was to go back where she came in, but the killer was right in front of her, and she gets stabbed at the stomach and falls, and she weakly gets up and walks into Royal Hall where Prescila is and sitting on her chair. The killer follows her into the room and she begs him not to kill her and he does so anyway by stabbing her at the heart and she drops dead. The man gets her body and stuffs her into the animatronic and Prescilas eyes and mouth ooze blood and drops. The man runs out and is never saw again. Next morning, one of the employees opens the door and he sees blood on the floor. He follows the trail and takes him straight to Royal Hall. He opens the door and sees Prescila dropped down on the floor still oozing blood. Terrified, he runs to the front desk and calls the manager and the police. As he hunged up the phone, the TV turns on all of a sudden and scares him not knowing how it turned on. It shows the teenage girl and her murderer and he quickly identifies the killer. The police arrive at the scene and they quickly get Prescila, but they couldn't bare the smell. One of the police men vomits from the repulsive odor and tell the manager they can no longer take the animatronic with them. The manager tells the employee to have her clean up because there was going to be a birthday party at the place in one week, and they need Prescila to be present to sing the happy birthday song with Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. Worried that this might go bad, but the employee becomes more worried about being fired, and he wipes all the blood off of Prescila and places her on her throne and closes the door.
Prescila: M-m-m-mu-music not playing. A-a-a-a-a-a-av-ave-avenge me. S-s-sa-save t-th-them. F-Freddy, B-Bon-Bonnie, C-Ch-Chi-Chica, F-Fo-Foxy. A-av-avenge me.

One night at a 6 year old boys birthday, a 8 year old boy wanted his mom to take him to see Prescila, because he wanted to play with her and the other kids asked their parents if they can go too. As they were on their way to the royal hall, a horrible sight was seen. Two teenage boys were doing sexual acts to the animatronic panther and the parents quickly rushed to the manager to complain, but before they got they can go back, a shotgun was fired and a scream was heard. They rushed to the scene and they all saw the animatronic Bonnie with his face blown off and Prescila had bitten off one of the teenage boys hand. This was settled in court, but the place remained open due to the teenage boys acts and were caught on camera, but, Prescila had to go into retirement. As the staff closed the royal hall, a tear fell down from Prescilas right eye.

Every night when the building closes, some of the employees report crying in the royal hall, but, no one believed them. One employee even heard singing in the hall and checked but no one was there. Some of the employees and janitors even go missing when they enter the royal hall and never come out. Every night, the employees would see Bonnie in the repair room not knowing of how he got there or who put him there and they would take him outside in the dumster and the next morning, he would be back in the room in the same position and they decided to leave him in the building.

Unlike the other animatronics, Prescila does her jumpscare if you hear her slippers coming close to you or her cry is close by or even her giggling. Once these happen, she'll pop in front of you is you get the camera up then put it down or put the Freddy mask on then off then ding dong you're dead.
It's very simple to avoid Prescila from coming to you. Just like Foxy from the 1st Five Nights at Freddy's, you have to keep a close watch at Royal Hall. If you don't check Royal hall for like a minute, Prescila will pop out from the door. Once you see her, flash your light at her, and she'll go back to Royal Hall. Note: This doesn't work if she's on 20 mode on custom night.

1.    Prescila is the only animatronic that only makes her appearance on night 3. But, if you don't check on Royal Hall for a minute, she will appear
2. Unlike Foxy from the first Five Nights at Freddys, Prescila can run in both hallways
3. She's the only animatronic that has multiple jumpscares
4. She's Bonnies girlfriend
5. Prescila, unlike the four animatronics who are possessed by kids, she's possessed by the murdered 16 year old girl
6. Like Foxy, she's not easily fooled by the Freddy Fazbear mask
7. She's the only animatronic that would never harm or kill Joey. Since she is the murdered 16 year old girl, Joey, is her true love and the one she's waiting for
8. The flashlight is the only thing that will keep Prescila away from you
9. She is inspired by Sally Sashay from Chucky E Cheeses, Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros, and Ariel from the Disney film The Little Mermaid
10. She's likely the cause of the hauntings to all the other animatronics
Giggles by MKVSDBZFAN1
Ht: 5'6
Ht with tail: 6'2
Wt: 144 lbs
D.O.B: 5/11/1992
Age: 22
Species: Panther
Sex: Female
Eyes: Green
Hair: White
Personality: Cheerful, Friendly, Loving, and Optimistic
Loves: Bert, her mom and dad, movies (loves The Avengers), Disneyland, pizza, chicken, fish, steak, candy, and singing in the shower
Hate: Being without Bert, King Basking, King Megamouth, and King Whale Shark
Weakness: She's not very bright; she dropped out of school when she was 13 years old to help her mom and dad in a family<img style="background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent ! important; border: medium none ! important; display: inline-block ! important; text-indent: 0px ! important; float: none ! important; font-weight: bold ! important; height: 10px ! important; margin: 0px 0px 0px 3px ! important; min-height: 0px ! important; min-width: 0px ! important; padding: 0px ! important; vertical-align: super ! important; width: 10px ! important; text-transform: uppercase ! important;" src="…"> business
Powers and Abilities:
Super Strength
Super Speed
Shutting down gravity
Freezing time and space
Energy projection and absorbing

She was named Giggles, because she loves to laugh. Giggles was born in the mean streets of Detroit, Michigan, then her dad got promoted in California, and her mom, her dad, and herself moved to Bakersfield. Her parents opened a family business, and she had to drop out at a early age. She then found another job as a waitress at a five star restaurant, and that's where she met Bert. The two got along great and hung out, but her parents never approved their interspecies relationship, because her dad didn't like humans. Having later known that Bert wasn't like the rest, he let his daughter go out with him. She became his second queen, and she inherit his super powers such as shutting down gravity, stopping time, and mastering energy projectiles.

"I like teasing other people, but, I want to tease you more and more, because I love you" Giggles to Bert
I'm a furry everyone :woot: :woot:
My fursona:…
To all my friends, sorry I haven't been on lately and not submitting any of my artwork. I have been busy with my job and saving money to get myself a new laptop. It took me quite awhile to get it. Now that I have a new one, I can now submit my artwork and be ready for the future for my artwork to show to all of you. I'll be submitting new artwork soon. For now, I'll be busy again and hopefully I'll be drawing again sometime soon.


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hello. I'm MKVSDBZFAN1, but all of you can call me Bert. I'm a friend to anyone's artwork (I'm a lover not a hater). I help my grandparents do yard work and I also live with them. I love to play my Wii everytime I get bored. I do requests and I love to talk to my dear friends in

My deviantart family:
my sister :iconsnowbelltherabbit:

My dear friends :iconnafyo:, :iconraisen-kun:, :iconjuricha-the-geek:, :icondel-hee-cious:, :iconangelwaveo6:, :icondarkie-san:, :iconblaze7the7cat:, and :icond3adlyxp0ison:

Friends I know in real life: :iconroysareboy: and :iconmeladaf:


Current Residence: Bakersfield, CA
Favourite genre of music: Rock n Roll
Favourite style of art: Any kind
Operating System: Laptop, Toshiba
MP3 player of choice: Other than an ipod
Shell of choice: Spiked
Wallpaper of choice: Dragon
Skin of choice: Tan
Favourite cartoon character: Rouge the bat and Meta Knight (I'm a huge Meta Knight and Rouge fan)
Personal Quote: "Always find a way to make a hard thing into an easy activity"

kik: Bertman01
Skype: bertman011
I'm a furry everyone :woot: :woot:
My fursona:…

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